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    We deliver Unparalleled Quality and a Unique Customer Service experience in the Residential painting markets of Somerset West.

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    With more than 20 years of experience, Painting Contractors Somerset West knows what a quality job is all about.

    Painting Company Somerset West

    Why Choose Painting Contractors Somerset West?

    We’ve all seen the signs in the neighbourhood promoting painting services, so we’re often asked: why should I choose Painters Somerset West as my painting company?
    Read our customer testimonials and you’ll see that people choose us because of our holistic approach.

    Also, we have Painting Branches covering the following Cape Town areas;

    What Does That Mean?

    Fix first, then design – As professional painting contractors we fix common issues prior to painting. It’s better for you and helps maintain the life of the paint we use. The prep work is 75% of a job. And unless handled properly, the final coat of paint will inevitably fail sooner than expected and cost the homeowner more money.

    Painters in Somerset West

    Painters Somerset West – Both Interior and Exterior painting preparation is crucial before the actual painting can start. This may include;

    • Addressing damp problems (rising damp, descending damp or penetration damp).
    • Fixing cracks and imperfections on surface areas.
    • Removing flaking paint.
    • Removing and treatment of rust.
    • Treatment of mould and algae.
    • Washing of walls (high pressure)

    Your time is valuable – We know you have better ways to spend your time than manage your painting project. Painters Somerset West will be your project manager, providing flexible, prompt services to fit your schedule.

    Painting is an investment – Whether you need your home painted to increase its market value or have a commercial job that requires a quick turnaround, Painters Somerset West provides skilled painting services of premier quality. We take the time to do it right because after all, painting is a worthy investment.

    Professional and trusted – It is our passion to provide our customers and our employees with individual attention and an atmosphere of comfort and trust before, during, and after each job.
    We know that hiring painting contractors and inviting them into your home to paint is an act of trust. Every day, on every job, our painters earn the trust of our customers by making sure the painting project is completed correctly, promptly and with minimal interruption for the customer.

    Who are Painting Contractors Somerset West?

    Painting Contractors Somerset West is a decorating and home painting company in the Helderberg area. We handle all house painting needs, including interior, exterior, commercial and industrial painting. We are Your Local Painting Company.

    Painters Somerset West – Our Services Painters Cape Town

    Painters Somerset West offer a full range of painting services for your home or business, including;

    Exterior Painters Somerset West

    Exterior Residential Painting

    Exterior Residential Painters Somerset West – Premium Paint, Superior Techniques, Lasting Results! Whether you have a sprawling estate or modest house, Painters Somerset West guarantees the highest quality craftsmanship. We’d love to serve you, whether you need a simple house washing and touch up or a full repaint.

    In every detail of every project, Painters Cape Town is devoted to the utmost professionalism and customer satisfaction. As a full-service painting contractor, our employees are thoroughly trained, polite, will arrive on time, and keep the work space clean and tidy. We offer free estimates and guarantee our work.

    On the exterior of your home, an excellent paint job means elegance and beauty, but it also does much more. Paint is a barrier against the elements that attack the integrity of your house. Painters Cape Town Northern Suburbs is highly experienced and thoroughly knowledgeable, and our satisfied customers include some of the finest homes in the Greater Cape Town Areas.

    When painting the exterior of your home, our professional team of painters will always take great care to protect your landscape, walkways and anything that could be spattered by paint. Before we start applying painting products, we’ll use proper plastic, masking tape and drop sheets, followed by proper preparation. Unlike most exterior paint companies, we clean up everything thoroughly when we’re finished so that your home will look the best in your neighbourhood.

    Painters Somerset West for Exterior Commercial Painting

    Exterior Commercial Painters Somerset West. We often hear the term “curb appeal” or attractiveness of a property and its surroundings used in reference to homes, but it is an equally important concept in the world of commercial property. Your clients and guests will form their opinions of your establishment quickly, making this first impression a critical opportunity.

    From old age homes, guest houses, office blocks, Painters Somerset West has the expertise and equipment to do the job right.

    At Painters Somerset West, we have been helping our clients maintain a stylish, beautiful exterior for their property for many years. We do this by providing quality products and services as well as by working in a fast, efficient, non-intrusive way.

    We adapt to the unique scheduling and project needs of each client to minimize disruption and maximize results. Safety is crucial when it comes to the public and everyone on the job. That is why we have on-going safety training meetings. Our painters are professional, polite, will arrive on time, and use our own painting techniques that will ensure beautiful, lasting results.

    Interior Painters Somerset West

    Interior Residential Painting

    Interior Residential Painters Somerset West. Painters Somerset West has established themselves and defined their niche as expert residential painters with the talents and abilities to brighten or freshen your interior space. We understand the importance and need for taking great care when performing any type of painting work inside our customers’ homes. Respect for the space in which you live, is of paramount importance to us.

    Good communication allows this team to offer the best client service possible. Open communication with the customer to know what your thoughts. We can make them happen. We will also explain our process and make sure it meets with your schedule, bringing your dreams to life.

    We know that hiring interior painters and inviting them into your home to paint is an act of trust. Every day, on every job, our interior house painters earn the trust of our customers by making sure the painting project is completed correctly, promptly and with minimal disruption for the customer.

    It’s your home. Whether you live in a single story house, a duplex, a townhouse, or a double story house, you want to feel comfortable. You want to be surrounded with beauty, and with your style. In short, you want a home. A key component of that is a professional paint job by residential painting experts. In Somerset West and surrounding areas, there’s only one name for that: Painters Somerset West. We are a residential painting business who staffs highly experience home painters.

    When the job is completed, unused paint will be labeled and left at the job site.

    Painters Somerset West for Interior Commercial Painting

    Interior Commercial Painters Somerset West. Our friendly, dedicated team is committed to meeting each of your unique needs, providing an exceptional product that will leave the interior of your commercial space looking beautiful for years to come. We are available to work weekends, and even holidays at no extra charge! We will gladly meet all your deadlines and complete your project on budget. Because we understand the importance of operating in a way that is convenient for you, our painting services are also extremely efficient and fast.

    You are our priority, and we prove this by protecting your operations, schedule, and environment. Our team consists of invested, trustworthy, full-time employees. We have the tools and experience needed to manage your project. Your painting project will be overseen by experienced project managers. management load.

    Whether it is an office, school, restaurant, church, retail store, shopping mall, apartment complex, or factory, we have the staff to get your project done right.

    The painters who work on high-end residential homes are the same detailed painters you will see on your commercial painting project. Our professional craftsmen work diligently and quietly so you won’t even know they are there.

    Roof Painters Somerset West

    Roof Painters Somerset West. Whether it’s tiled or corrugated, painting your roof is a great way to add value to your home. To get the job done properly and safely, it’s important to prepare thoroughly and use the right equipment.

    Roofs looks good for up to ten years but the colour does tend to fade over time. The problem is solved by cleaning with a high-pressure washer and applying a quality roof paint to ensure that your roof looks good for many more years.

    Roof Paint is used to protect, preserve, decorate by adding colour, or add functionality to a roof surface by covering it with a coating. An example of protection are the covering of a metal roof to prevent corrosion, and to help protect it from the elements. Roof Paint may be used to add functionality by modifying light reflection or heat radiation of a surface. Roof paint should offer UV resistance to extend the painted surface and be water based for easy cleaning and short re coating periods, reducing the time spent on the roof.

    Cleaning out of gutters and sealing of gutter joints are also jobs worth considering when painting a roof. We make use of a variety of quality decor and waterproofing paints for Residential and Commercial use.

    Experience a brand new look for your Residential or Commercial space in Somerset West with Painters Cape Town

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