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  • Interior Painting Contractors Somerset West.

    We specialize in Interior, Exterior and Roof Painting and have more than 20 years of Painting experience. Being a well known and respected painter in Somerset West, Cape Town Southern Suburbs, Stellenbosch, Hermanus, Strand, Gordons Bay, Pringle Bay, Rooi Els, Betty’s Bay, Kleinmond, Grabouw and surrounding areas, we do all Residential, Commercial & Industrial Paint work. We have completed several successful Painting Projects in the these areas. Please visit our Gallery to view some of our completed projects.

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    We serve the greater metro Cape Town area including;

    Interior Painters Somerset West

    What We Do

    Painting Contractors Somerset West Interior Painting – PREPARATION – Before Preparing Surfaces

    Preparing the Area before starting with the painting project makes it easier to paint and it also protects your property from inadvertent splatters or paint spills.

    We prefer to move all furniture to the centre of the room where possible. All furniture gets covered with drop cloths or drop sheets. We also remove pictures, mirrors and hardware and cover everything to prevent spills.

    Painting Contractors Somerset West Interior Painting – PREPARATION of Interior Surfaces

    Paint doesn’t stick very well to dirty walls. So we clean them with sugar soap and water and let dry overnight.

    Cleaning ceilings before painting is necessary to get rid of cobwebs and dust that you just don’t see.

    Painting Contractors Somerset West Interior Painting – PREPARATION of Damaged Surfaces

    The key to getting a good Painting finish is preparation.

    We make sure that the surface we are painting is clean and dry and free from any loose flakes of old paint. This is followed by filling of cracks and gaps around windows and doors with a suitable filler. Sanding the surfaces first and then priming each spot.

    Painting Contractors Somerset West Interior Painting – PRIMING the Walls and Surfaces

    Dark colours, stains and previously unpainted surfaces need a primer coat, usually white.

    We like to colour the primer to match fairly close to the colour of the finished coat to ensure complete coverage by the top coat. Dark colours will likely show through the first or even the first couple of topcoats of paint. Applying a good primer coat will help even out this difference in colour.

    Painting Contractors Somerset West Interior Painting – Painting Sequence

    We start at the top and work down, this means beginning with the ceiling. Paint away from the light source so you are not painting in shadow. Next painting the walls, then the doors and windows, followed by the skirting and the trim.

    Choosing The Paint

    Choosing the right paint sheen is almost as overwhelming as choosing your paint colour.

    There’s a basic rule of thumb to follow when choosing paint sheen. The higher the sheen, the higher the shine and the higher the shine, the more durable it will be. Flat paint has no shine and high-gloss is all shine. In between are eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss, each with its own practical and decorative job to do.

    Flat or Matt – Works with walls that have something to hide – soaks up, rather than reflects, light. It has the most pigment and will provide the most coverage. More tough to clean without taking paint off with the grime. Practical Application: adults’ bedrooms and other interior rooms that won’t be roughed up by kids

    High Gloss – The most durable and easiest to clean of all paint sheens, high gloss paint is hard, ultra-shiny, and light-reflecting. High gloss is a good choice for area that sticky fingers touch like cabinets, trim, and doors. High gloss, however, has too much shine for interior walls. Practical Application: kitchens, door, and window trim

    Satin – Is often described as velvety. It’s easy to clean, making it excellent for high-traffic areas. Its biggest flaw is it reveals application flaws, such as roller or brush strokes and Touch-ups later can be tricky. Practical Application: family rooms, foyers, hallways, kids’ bedrooms

    Eggshell – Between satin and flat on the sheen (and durability) scale is eggshell. It’s essentially a flat (no-shine) finish with a soft glow, like a chicken’s egg. Eggshell covers wall imperfections well and is a great finish for gathering spaces that don’t get a lot of bumps and scuffs. Practical Application: Living rooms and dining rooms.

    Painting Contractors Somerset West Interior Painting – Our Team of Trustworthy Painters

    All of our work is performed by experienced and well trained craftsmen who are dedicated to making sure that you are completely satisfied with the painting project. We have built a team of trusted workers to take care of your project. You can have peace of mind that only the most experienced and reliable hands will be allocated to your painting project. We have been investing in our workers and treat them as our greatest asset.

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