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Our Paint Coatings protect residential homes, workplaces, office buildings, work environments and essential infrastructure to make the world a safer, better and more beautiful place.


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Roof Painters Somerset West Stands For Innovation

 Painters Somerset West Innovation focuses on 3 areas:

  1. People: How we can optimise the performance of painters on site by providing them with the right skills, knowledge and equipment.
  2. Smart materials: How we can boost productivity and limit environmental impact through utilising quality paint that are designed using the latest technology available in the painting industry.
  3. Data: How paint coatings can improve by collecting and analysing its data.


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I received excellent service from Thinus and his friendly team. They were professional and very pleasant to work with. They have painted three rental properties and the landlords' were very impressed with the quotes. The standard of painting is of the highest quality. I would highly recommend Painting Contractors Somerset West and will continue to use them for my rental properties.


We made the right choice! A big thank you to Thinus and his team of friendly, capable and hard-working people. We were able to host guests while they were painting the outside of the guest house and the painters were flexible and thoughtful in respecting the guests privacy and comfort. They were willing to go the extra mile and all their work was of high standard. I would not hesitate to recommend them if you are looking for quality work at a reasonable price.


We couldn't be happier with the painting that Painting Contractors Somerset West has done for us. We hired them to paint the exterior as well as some interior work. Everything they have done looks better than I expected. In my opinion this Painting Company is not just at the top of his trade, he is an artist. Their attention to detail is superb. I wouldn' hesitate to recommend Contractors Somerset West to anyone.

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Roof Painters in Somerset West

Roof Painters – Cape Town, Somerset WestStellenbosch, Hermanus, Strand, Gordons Bay, Pringle Bay, Rooi Els, Betty’s Bay, Kleinmond, Grabouw and surrounding areas. Something as simple as giving your roof a fresh lick of paint can totally transform the look of your entire home. With the large range of colours currently available you can be much more adventurous than what you previously would have been limited to. We provide various professional roof painting and waterproofing services to all Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties.

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Roof Painting Contractors Somerset West

Roof Painters Somerset West. We all want our houses to look stylish and well maintained, but we often forget one feature when we are thinking of maintenance and decorating, the roof. Not only does your roof keep your home watertight, it is a massive surface area that influences the entire aesthetic look of your home. First impressions count and your roof is most often the first thing people notice when visiting your home, so it would be wise not to neglect it and keep it well maintained at all times. South African weather is dynamic, ranging from hot and wet summers, to cold and dry winters. This extreme weather has a big impact on your roof! Painters Cape Town.

In order to maintain your roof, experts agree that a roof should be repainted at least every 5 years. This not only ensures your roof always appears in a pristine condition, it allows one to address any minor problems such as leaks and rust before they may become larger ones.

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Painting Contractors Somerset West Roof Painting – Suggestions for Roof Maintenance


Roof Painters Somerset West – REPARATION – Painters Cape Town

Preparing the surface of your roof before painting is imperative. It is probably the most tedious task, but the results will be well worth the effort. Painters Somerset West remove all dust and dirt from the surface and sand away any flaky or loose pieces of old roof paint with a sander. Using a high pressure water blaster is one of the best ways to clean a roof, especially any roof with a rough surface. Painting a roof can vary slightly depending on what material your roof is made of but there is one thing they all have in common and that is they must be cleaned before you apply any paint.

Roof Painters Somerset West – Prevention – Roof Repair

Prevention is better than cure. That is why inspecting and keeping your roof in a good condition can make a world of difference to a big roof repair bill somewhere down the line. When inspecting the exterior part of your home roof, make sure to check for damaged or missing roof tiles, curling, blistering paint or sealant as well as moss or algae growth.

Roof Painters Somerset West – Priming the Roof

With unpainted roofs you will need to prime it first with a suitable primer, this is also the case for any sheets of iron that may have been replaced on an existing roof.

Roof Painters Somerset West – Roof Paint

It is important to get the right roof paint for the surface of your roof. Most paints specifically designed for rooftops can be applied to a number of surfaces such as cement, concrete tiles and IBR roofing. Acrylic paint is generally the preferred variety of paint one should use to paint a roof. Acrylic roof paint is a water based paint. A Roof Acrylic that is UV resistant and 100% Acrylic is always the best choice for your roof, no matter if it is metal or tiles! Roof painting meets a range of functional goals and provides maximum protection like UV protection and sun reflection as well as waterproofing and insulation.

What Colour Do You Like Your Roof?

Roof Painters Somerset West. South African Sun is hard on the roof tops of most South African Homes. It needs to cope with some heavy sun rays and then there is the issue of the material the roof is constructed from.

There are a number of options when choosing the correct roof paint and colour to paint your roof with. The final choice of colour and quality of paint is obviously up to you and depends on the budget that you have set aside and need to keep to.

The best time of the year to repaint your roof will obviously be in the months with the least annual rainfall. Choose a day or two where no rain is expected. This will give you enough time to prepare the surface appropriately and allow the roof paint to dry properly between coats.

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