September 14

How to Choose the Right Interior Paint Finish – Part 2


Interior Paint Finishes – Once you have decided what colour you want, then you must decide what brand of paint to use. Picking the ideal sheen for a paint job involves important visual and functional considerations.


This finish is a good choice for high moisture areas because of the ease of clean up. Semi-gloss paint is very durable and washable, and will produce a visible shine. It has a medium amount of sheen and is ideal for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, halls kids’ rooms and bathroom ceilings.

Semi-gloss paint is easily cleaned and lays down a nice, subtle shine, without being too glitzy. Take care with pre paint preparation work, as poorly prepared surfaces can be a bit distracting when highlighted by a semi-gloss surface.


Glossy paint is not often used on walls. It generally is not advisable to paint entire walls with a glossy finish. Still, there are several places where you can make a huge impact with high gloss paint. First of all, any doors or cabinets look fantastic in glossy paint. Furthermore, certain pieces of furniture look incredible when coated in a high gloss paint, particularly if you use vibrant shades in an otherwise fairly neutral room.

High gloss paints have an almost reflective quality, as their shiny finish mimics the look of enamel or plastic. Though not widely used in home interiors, it is becoming more popular for a dramatic look on cabinets, trim, and furniture in very formal and very contemporary settings. This finish will magnify any surface imperfections, so careful preparation and sanding is essential before painting with high gloss paints.

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