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How to Choose the Right Interior Paint Finish – Part 1


Interior Paint Finishes – After choosing the perfect paint colour for a particular room, there’s another very important decision to make. With different paint finishes to choose from, you should learn the benefits of each and determine the right one for your painting job. Should you use matt or satin and why? Have a look at the selection of paint finishes for your interior home applications.

Matt Finish
This type of interior paint has a matt surface. This paint finish is usually used on interior walls. It works very well if you have to camouflage small wall bumps, cracks, or other imperfections, as this finish does not reflect light. While some matt paints are advertised as washable today, you may need to touch up scratches or marks by covering with a bit more paint, so be sure you keep some on hand after you’ve finished painting.

Eggshell Finish
If you can picture the very low sheen of the shell of an egg, you have an idea of how an eggshell paint finish will appear. With only a slight hint of shine or gloss, it’s good for walls and holds up
better with cleaning than a matt finish paint.

Satin Finish
Satin finish paint has a smooth, velvety look with a bit more gloss. It is most often used for windows, doors, trim, or ceilings, but can also be used as wall paint. This is particularly suitable for kids’ room walls, kitchens, or bathrooms, or in areas which get a lot of traffic. Paint with a satin finish is formulated to hold up to cleaning and light scrubbing.

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