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How to Prepare before Painting – Painters Somerset West


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The difference between a good and bad paint job usually depends on how carefully you prepare the surface as well as the Quality and Suitability of the Paint that you will be using. Preparing a room for painting is the single most important step when painting a room. Setting up an area for painting like a professional is the single most important action when decorating a room. Partial or improper preparation is a guaranteed way to fail before you even start. Proper preparation will save your time and money in the long run. You can also watch a video on this topic.

Cover and Move Your Furniture and Decorations

Clear the room of all furnishings, decorations, light and outlet covers. The more you can get out of the room, the easier you’ll be able to move around and the less you’ll have to worry about ruining with paint. Remove the furniture, fittings, ornaments, light and electrical switch covers. The more you can get out of the room, the easier you’ll be able to move around and the less you’ll have to worry about ruining with paint.How to prepare before painting painters somerset west

Move everything that cannot be taken out to the centre of the room and cover it in plastic or with blankets and plastic drop sheets for protection against spillages of paint. Ensure it is covered completely, because paint has a habit of coming into places you do not expect it.

Prepare the Walls

Before you paint any area, be certain the walls are really in great condition. Paint will not hide cracks or dips and dents, it will accentuate them.
Before painting any surface, it needs to be clear of dirt, grease, dust and loose flakes of old paint. Some surfaces require a primer or undercoat to create a base acceptable for painting. Greasy and nicotine stained walls as well as finger marks have to be washed off with sugar soap to prevent it from showing up again on the newly painted area.

Apply a Wall Primer

Newly plastered and stained walls need a layer of primer before you can actually paint your final coat of colour. The reason being that the paint will grip better and it will last much longer. Water based primers tend to give off less odour than oil based primers. A high-quality primer will also help to hide any small imperfections on walls. When applying your primer layer, do it in the same way as if you were painting normal paint. Take your time applying an even layer with a brush or roller.
Once you have applied the primer coat, imperfections on the wall and cracks and holes will be more visible and can now be treated before applying your final colour coat.

Cracks and Holes in the wall need to be filled in before painting starts. This topic will addressed in the next article.

Topic: How to Prepare before Painting – Painters Somerset West


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