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Painting Tips Before Starting your Paint Job



painting tips before starting your paint job
Painting Tips Before Starting your Paint Job

Picking a Paint Colour

It’s smart to try out different colours before you start painting Test colours on areas of an existing wall by painting square meter blocks next to each other. Repeat this process on different walls to see how it looks in various lightning situations. You can test decorative finishes the same way.

Shady areas make colours appear darker while lively colours can be too bright in well-lit areas. Consider the character of your home when deciding on a colour scheme. What elements do you like best about your home for example architectural features, windows, Porches etc. Then decide which element you want to highlight.

Preparation before you start

Most paint failures come from poor surface preparation. Proper preparation is crucial to the durability of the paint job. Ensure a long lasting paint job by taking time to assess the condition of your home’s interior and exterior. Consider hosing the house off with a high pressure pump to remove dirt and salts, especially if your home is close to the sea. Then follow up with scraping cracked or flaking paint, sanding, caulking, and treating stains as necessary. Remove or cover imperfections on the walls or other surfaces. Dust and clean the interior walls with a cloth or a vacuum cleaner.

Before preparing a room for painting, protect the furniture and flooring against splattering paint or accidents.

Start in the corners of the wall and up near the ceiling, “cutting in” the paint with an angle brush. Use a small brush to apply the paint around trim and in the corners of walls where your larger brush can’t reach.

Hiring Professional Painters

It doesn’t take much more than a brush, bucket and ladder to get into the painting business. To get the quality paint job you’re paying for, ask questions and make sure your contract is very specific.

If you hire professional painters, ask the for references as well as the brand of paint they use. If you have a brand in mind, make sure they’re willing to use it. Quality and colours vary by brand, and even slight colour differences among brands can be dramatic when applied to an entire house.

It is important to hire a painter you trust. Much of the work takes place when you aren’t around, and it is difficult to check a painter’s work. Once the job is complete, you won’t be able to tell if he primed the entire surface or even if he applied one coat rather than two.

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