August 9

Winter is a Great Time for Interior Painting


When outdoor temperatures drop in winter, exterior painting is not usually on the homeowner’s mind. However, painting the interior of the home during the winter can be a fantastic way to begin a revitalize and transform your living room, kitchen, bath, and bedrooms.

Sometimes homeowners take the opportunity to design a new look for the interior of the home when choosing to repaint. Before deciding on what color shades to use, think about how the walls will look when the room is furnished. Also, keep in mind that different colors affect people’s senses as one moves about the house.


Temperature and Humidity
Most interior latex paints cure and dry perfectly so long as the temperature is above 10°Celsius. The circulating warm air from the heating system helps keep the humidity at a favorable level.

Even if the walls are slightly cool to the touch, the paint should cure and dry normally. A set of fans or a space heater can be used to help speed up the drying process if the temperature is low or if the heating system is temporarily shut down.

Winter conditions are in contrast to summer, where while homes may be air conditioned on the inside, it can still be a challenge to keep out the searing heat of the sun’s rays. Because the interior atmosphere is warm and rather dehumidified, painting the inside walls in winter requires no special considerations.

Winter Painting Fun
Painting the interior walls in winter can be a fun do-it-yourself project, but many homeowners find it is a lot of work and time. Many homeowners find that hiring a professional painting contractor can really help get the job done right at a reasonable price. With their know how and expertise, an experienced painting contractor can offer a lot more value than just labor alone.

When selecting a painting contractor, be sure to look for professional painting company who knows what a quality painting job is all about, leave the premises as they found it, and offer a guarantee of satisfaction for all work performed.

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